Message from Luce Irigaray

Portrait of Luce Irigaray by Cathy Bernheim Since 2003, I hold a seminar with researchers doing their PhD on my work. This way, they have the opportunity to receive personal teaching from me and to exchange ideas, methods and experiences between them.

The framework of the seminar is as follows: A group of fifteen researchers stay one week on the university campus. The timetable includes a presentation by each on the aspect of their PhD which most focuses on my work, a discussion of this presentation by the group, my comments and my answers to questions, and also sessions devoted to an explanation of some key words chosen by the participants. Personal meetings with me are organized on the last day.

The participants in the seminar have come from different regions of the world, they belong to different cultures, traditions and fields of research. In each of these fields, diverse domains, approaches and methods are represented. To date, the participants came from Australia, Vietnam, Korea, China, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Ireland and from various universities of the U.S.A. and the U.K.

This website intends to make known the work of young researchers who participated in the seminar through summaries of their research, news about the evolution of their career, and dialogues that they continue holding with me. It also aims at maintaining and developing the link among researchers of one year’s seminar and broadening it to every researcher who took part in the seminar.