Previous Seminars

On these pages, we showcase the work past participants have contributed to the Luce Irigaray International Seminar, starting with brief summaries of the research and experience of the participants of the June 2011 seminar at University of Bristol. From 2012 onwards, we have included samples of the contributions participants made during the seminar itself. These brief overviews of each individual’s contribution and research demonstrate the vast array of ideas, topics and disciplines that researchers interested in Luce Irigaray’s thought are working on – and hopefully give you a flavour of how vibrant and valuable the discussions sparked by the seminar can be for young researchers and thinkers.

The Seminar 2011 (University of Bristol)

England 2011 069

The Seminar 2012 (University of Bristol)

Seminar 2012

The Seminar 2013 (University of Bristol)

The Seminar 2014 (University of Bristol)


The Seminar 2016 (University of Bristol)


The Seminar 2017 (University of Bristol)