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Luce Irigaray, Mahon O’Brien, Christos Hadjioannou eds.

With an Introduction and an Epilogue by Luce Irigaray, Towards a New Human Being gathers texts which have as their starting point To Be Born, her most recent book. The contributors, be they early career researchers or more established academic figures, have treated what she or he received of the book in accordance with their own scientific field and their own work. However, all the papers which compose the volume correspond to proposals towards the advent of a new human being, an aim consonant with the subtitle of To Be Born: through a different way of bringing up and educating children; through the constitution of a new environmental and sociocultural milieu; and through the criticism of past metaphysics and the introduction of new themes into philosophy. To Be Born has created a background from which each had the opportunity to develop and think in their own way. As such Towards a New Human Being is part of a long term project which involves Irigaray working together and in dialogue with more or less already recognized thinkers towards giving birth to a new human being and building a new world.

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